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Product Family Product Name Grades Available
ABS, MBS INEOS Styrolution: Lustran®, Terluran®, Terlux®
Trinseo: Magnum
MRC: Satran®
general-purpose, flame-retardant, low-gloss, high-impact, transparent, weatherable
ABS/Nylon INEOS Styrolution: Triax® general-purpose, high-gloss, glass-reinforced
ABS/PVC PolyOne™: Geon general-purpose, flame-retardant
Acetal DuPont: Delrin® general-purpose, lubricated, glass-reinforced, high-flow
Acrylic Arkema: Plexiglas® general-purpose, high-impact, high-flow, specialty-graded
Acrylic Copolymer INEOS Styrolution: Zylar®, NAS®
AES, ASA, AES/ASA Blends INEOS Styrolution: Luran® weatherable, high-gloss, low-gloss
Cellulosics Eastman: Tenite® Acetate, Butyrate, Propionate
Compounded Formulations PolyOne: Maxxam™, Maxxam FR™, Lubri-Tech™, Nymax™, Stat-Tech™, Therma-Tech™, Gravi-Tech™
Asahi Kasei
custom-compounded commodity and engineering thermoplastics with lubricants, additives, fillers reinforcements, conductive, etc.
Copolyesters Eastman: Eastar®, Eastalloy®, Durastar®, Provista® injection, extrusion, PET, PETG, PCTG
Modified Polyphenylene Ether Asahi Kasei: Xyron® flame-retardant, glass-filled, NSF grades
Nylon Arkema: Rilsan®11, 12
DuPont: Zytel®6/6 & 6/12, FN, 6HTN, GFR, Minlon®
PolyOne: Nymax™, 6, 6/6, Edgetek
neat, ceramic- & glass-fiber-reinforced, glass- & mineral-filled, impact-modified, reduced-moisture, high-heat, flexible nylons, flame-retardant compounds
Polycarbonate Covestro: Makrolon®, Apec®
Trinseo: Calibre®, Emerge®
MRC: Naxell®
medical/FDA, flame-retardant, radiation grades, structural foam, optical extrusion, CD/DVD
Polycarbonate Blends Covestro: Makroblend®, Bay Blends
Trinseo: Pulse, Emerge
flame-retardant, impact-modified, reinforced, general-purpose
Polyethylene Dow: Attane®, Dowlex®, Affinity®, Unipol®
CP Chem: Marlex®, HiD®
Westlake Chemical
low-density, linear low-density, high-density, modified polyethylene, polyolefin elastomers, polyolefin plastomers, wire & cable, copolymer polyethylenes (EVA, EEA, EBAC, EMAC)
Polymethylpentene Mitsui: TPX® transparent, reinforced, filled, flame-retardant
Polypropylene INEOS
Flint Hills Resources
Pinnacle Polymers
Asahi Kasei
homopolymers, impact copolymers, flame-retardant, reinforced, filled, random copolymers, chemically coupled
Polyisoprene Rubber Kraton: Cariflex Synthetic solid & liquid rubber
Polystyrene INEOS Styrolution™
Americas Styrenics
general-purpose, high-impact, flame-retardant, specialty grades, advanced styrenic resins, structural foam
PVC PolyOne: Geon™ flexible, rigid, extrusion, injection molding, wire & cable, medical
SAN INEOS Styrolution: Lustran® general-purpose, high-heat
Styrene Butadiene Copolymer (SBC) CP Chem: K-Resin®, INEOS Styrolution™ glass-like clarity, high-impact strength
Silicone Dow Corning medical device only
Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE, TPV, TPO) Arkema: Pebax®
Celanese: EVA
LyondellBasell: Adflex®, Catalloy®
Dow Elastomers: Engage®, Affinity®, Infuse®
DuPont: Elvax®, Hytrel®
ExxonMobil: Santoprene™ TPV
PolyOne: GLS Dynaflex™, Dynalloy™, OnFlex™, Versaflex™
MRC: Maxtel®
Westlake: EVA, EMAC
Thermoplastic Polyester DuPont: Crastin® PBT, Rynite® PET
Eastman: Copolyester
flame-retardant, reinforced, electrically and thermally conductive, extrusion, injection molding
Thermoplastic Polyurethane Covestro: Texin®, Desmopan®
flexible, rigid, long glass, reinforced, transparent, flame-retardant

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