PolyOne Corporation, parent company and strategic supplier to PolyOne Distribution, is dedicated to providing you the specialized polymer materials, services and solutions you need and the level of support you can trust.

In today’s fast-paced economy, you need to be first to market with innovative solutions. PolyOne focuses on helping you get there with a comprehensive array of specialized polymer materials and tailored services that help solve your most demanding application needs.

From the rigors of regulatory requirements in healthcare to the performance expectations of the transportation industry, the PolyOne materials portfolio serves users everywhere in some of the most – and least – expected ways:

  • Healthcare: A leading manufacturer of medical devices selected PolyOne’s Trilliant™ HC High Performance Formulations to replace existing material in its medical housings and deliver equipment resistant to cracking and brittleness from repeated exposure to chemical cleaners.
  • Transportation: An automotive lighting supplier selected a new material to replace aluminum in their LED headlamp heat sinks – PolyOne’s Therma-Tech™ thermally conductive polymers – to cost-effectively reduce heat build up and the extra weight of aluminum.
  • Consumer: Victorinox selected a winning material combination – PolyOne’s Bergamid™ Nylon Copolymer and GLS™ TPEs – to deliver a grippier, more functional knife handle that improved their iconic Swiss Army Soldier’s pocket knife.
  • Packaging: One bottle closures manufacturer selected an affordable alternative to metal − PolyOne’s Gravi-Tech™ High Density Formulations material – to deliver premium and luxury bottle closures for the spirits market.

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