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April 8, 2020
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Altuglas: Impact-Modified Acrylic Resins
Product Selection Guide
Read Altuglas’ product selection guide on Plexiglas® Impact-Modified acrylic resins.
Altuglas: Plexiglas® V-Series Resins
Product Selection Guide
View this selection guide on Plexiglas® V-Series Acrylic Molding and Extrusion Resins
Altuglas: Plexiglas® Acylic Resins Product Guide
Product Selection Guide
View the guide for Plexiglas® impact-modified resins.
Altuglas: Plexiglas® Automotive Grades
Application Bulletin
Learn about Plexiglas® automotive grades
Altuglas: Plexiglas® Diffuse™
Technical Bulletin
Learn about the capabilities of Plexiglas® Diffuse™
Altuglas: Plexiglas® Diffuse™ Ultra™
Technical Bulletin
Learn about the capabilities of Plexiglas® Diffuse™ Ultra™
Altuglas: Plexiglas® Medical Resins
Industry Bulletin/Overview
Explore the materials with the right properties for your application
Altuglas: Plexiglas® Reflect™ Acrylic Resin for Lighting
Product Bulletin
Find the right resin for your lighting application with Reflect™

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