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Overview of taking a thoughtful approach to material selection.

June 22, 2018
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PolyOne: Off Road Application Bulletin
Application Bulletin
Discover how to boost impact resistance, amp up aesthetics, inject comfort, or revolutionize a standard design
PolyOne: Off Road ATV Cargo Rack Case Study
Case Study
Form meets function with new ATV cargo rack materials
PolyOne: Off Road Powersports Interactive Brochure
Industry Bulletin/Overview
Learn more about material solutions for off road vehicles
PolyOne: OnColor™ SC Super Concentrate Technologies
Product Bulletin
Learn how to optimize color without disrupting your molding process in this OnColor™ SC Super Concentrate technologies product bulletin.
PolyOne: OnColor™ Standard Color Solutions
Product Selection Guide
Read about the standard colorants available from PolyOne across a variety of resins.
PolyOne: Outdoor Industry Overview Brochure
Industry Bulletin/Overview
Read about our polymer solutions for outdoor gear and equipment.
PolyOne: Paddlesports Application Bulletin
Application Bulletin
Explore the many ways polymers can help you innovate to meet evolving consumer demands.
PolyOne: Paddlesports Equipment Done Right
Explore these three tips for designing paddlesports equipment that exceeds expectations.
PolyOne: Paddlesports Interactive Brochure
Industry Bulletin/Overview
Learn more about material solutions for paddlesports.
PolyOne: Polymers for Shooting Accessories
Arms manufacturer uses alternative material to accelerate processing, reduce costs, and eliminate painting – all while delivering top performance.
PolyOne: Pre-Colored Materials Cut Costs
Masterbatch approach eliminates added cost, chemical volatility of painting.
PolyOne: Rapid Oxygen Case Study
Case Study
Collaboration and expertise help rapid oxygen bring new device to life.
PolyOne: Recoil Pad for Rifle - Case Study
Case Study
Custom recoil pad materials deliver superior recoil reduction and exceptional durability to a high-end rifle manufacturer
PolyOne: Redesigning What’s Possible
See how PolyOne can help you open up possibilities for the world through plastics.
PolyOne: Resilience HC Application Bulletin
Application Bulletin
Comparison of Resilience HC (rigid PVC) vs. other polymers in healthcare housings with exposure to aggressive cleaners
PolyOne: Resilience HC Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Features/benefits (including chemical resistance) of Resilience HC for medical equipment housings
PolyOne: Revolutionary Polymer-Based Ammunition
Learn more about how PolyCase Ammunition improved design and function with high-density composites.
PolyOne: Shooting Sports Overview
Product Selection Guide
Outdoor High Performance Shooting Sports Selection Guide/Line Card
PolyOne: Solving the Clarity/Opacity Conflict for Catheters
A new catheter material offers optical clarity and radiopacity in a single-layer extrusion
PolyOne: Surgical Instruments Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Selection Guide of all materials that we produce or distribute that are suitable for this healthcare segment



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