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Overview of taking a thoughtful approach to material selection.

June 22, 2018
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PolyOne: Swiss Army™ Knife Updates Case Study
Case Study
Bergamid™ Polymer Formulations and GLS™ TPEs provide comfort and usabililty in iconic pocket knife
PolyOne: Taurus® USA Spectrum Case Study
Case Study
Read about achieving improved user experience with new pistol design
PolyOne: TrendWatch™ Wearable Medical Devices & Digital Health - E-book
Learn why wearables and digital technologies are becoming so integral to personal health
PolyOne: Trilliant HC/ Versaflex OM Joint Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Chemical resistance of Trilliant HC and Versaflex TPE with exposure to common hospital cleaners & disinfectants
PolyOne: Trilliant XR Radiation Shielding Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Key characteristics, target market & applications and datasheet properties of Trilliant XR Radiation Shielding grade for medical equipment housings
PolyOne: Trucking Industry Challenges
Learn more about the current dynamics in the U.S. trucking industry are impacting costs throughout the domestic supply chain
PolyOne: UltraMist Case Study
Case Study
Application case study of using rigid Geon PVC in ultrasound housing.
PolyOne: Versaflex™ HC Thermoplastic Elastomers - HAI has an Ally
Application Bulletin
Read this application bulletin on average peel strength and the benefits of Versaflex™ HC TPEs for overmolded medical devices.
PolyOne: Wearable Devices Application Bulletin
Application Bulletin
Explore important considerations when designing wearable medical devices
PolyOne: Wearable Medical Devices Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Selection Guide of all materials that we produce or distribute that are suitable for this healthcare segment
PolyOne: What's the Difference? Nylon 6 vs 66
Explore the differences between nylon 6 and nylon 66 to find out which is right for you.
PolyOne: Why Medical Equipment Housings are Cracking and How Material Selection Can Help Prevent It
White paper on issue with Hospital Acquired Infections with medical devices and why Geon PVC is a good material choice
PolyOne: Wire & Cable Line Card
Line Card
View our line card of polymer solutions for the wire and cable industry.



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