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PolyOne Medical Device Disinfection: How to Prevent Cracking and Crazing
Technical Bulletin
Read this technical bulletin to understand why polymer performance is key to minimizing disinfectant-related failures.
PolyOne OnColor™ SC Super Concentrate Technologies
Product Bulletin
Learn how to optimize color without disrupting your molding process in this OnColor™ SC Super Concentrate technologies product bulletin.
PolyOne Outdoor High Performance Off Road Application Bulletin
Application Bulletin
Discover how to boost the off-road experience with high-performing materials for metal replacement, durability and more.
PolyOne Versaflex™ HC Thermoplastic Elastomers - HAI has an Ally
Application Bulletin
Read this application bulletin on average peel strength and the benefits of Versaflex™ HC TPEs for overmolded medical devices.
PolyOne: Glow in the Dark Controller Grips Appeal to Trend-Loving Gamers
Case Study
Learn how PolyOne helped a gaming accessories company take aim at new opportunities.
PolyOne: Impress™ High Gloss Metallic Effect Colorants
Product Bulletin
Learn how to achieve amazing packaging effects, like high-gloss metallic-effect colorants, in this product bulletin.
PolyOne: Laundry Appliance Maker Shines with the look of Metal
Case Study
Read how an appliance manufacturer significantly reduces costs for laundry consoles by replacing painted parts with a pre-colored Geon™ FX Metal rigid vinyl compound.
PolyOne: Manufacturer Boosts Disinfectant Resistance for Medical Device Housings
Case Study
Download this case study to learn about combatting chemical resistance for medical device housings.
PolyOne: Nylon Solutions
Product Selection Guide
Read this product selection guide on customized features and shelf grades of PolyOne’s Bergamid™ and Nymax™ formulations.
PolyOne: Redesigning What’s Possible
See how PolyOne can help you open up possibilities for the world through plastics.
PolyOne: What's the Difference? Nylon 6 vs 66
Explore the differences between nylon 6 and nylon 66 to find out which is right for you.

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