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The highly-competitive nature of your markets demand innovation. Enjoying growth trends, that continually evolve, not only requires strategic calculation, they often necessitate outside partners to retain the competitive edge. How can you increase product performance and contain costs. Where does the next big idea in manufacturing efficiency derive from? Who has the global perspective and experience to introduce new solutions?

We continue to be a leading resource for the shooting sports industry. Our expertise in light weighting, sound/energy absorption, material upgrades and design support help position our clients on the leading edge. Draw upon our vast expertise to support your next initiative and compete at a higher level.  


The team at PolyCase Ammunition was searching for a material to use for their new line of high performance ammunition that would allow them to injection mold their projectile designs and function as well or even better than conventional lead-core projectiles. In addition, PolyCase had specific requirements for the type of material used and the performance of the end product.

To meet the challenge, the PolyOne team developed a specialized formulation that fulfilled all PolyCase’s requirements. PolyOne also provided technical support to speed product development and commercial launch.

With PolyOne’s help, the manufacturer was able to realize significant regulatory benefits, as well as reducing the end-user’s exposure and cleanup costs associated with using lead-core bullets in range facilities.

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